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Turning the Corner

The offseason has been going by so fast. It feels like the 2011 football season just ended and 2012 with the Eagles is right around the corner . . . can’t wait. My offseason began with some quality personal time out of the city with close friends and family. I’m grateful that I was able to travel out to California to visit one of my best friends, Grant. It was good to relax for the weekend with friends and family at his sister’s wedding. Came back east to Philly after a great weekend and had to gear up and pack up for my much anticipated trip back home to Ohio, which has definitely been the highlight of the offseason.

As always, I made the Philly to Ohio trip by car. The long drive wasn’t as bad as usual because I had a production crew from FullCircle Intermedia to help entertain me and document my trip back home. Every time I go back it feels like I’ve only been gone a few days. Before getting home I wanted to check in at my alma mater, Northmont High School, to talk to some students and catch up on everything that’s been going on there. The warm and welcoming reception that Northmont gave me, along with the entire town of Dayton was unbelievable, great people. After that, I got to spend quality time with my family for the next three days. Family is so important to me and I’m thankful for every minute I get to spend with them. Unfortunately, I don’t get to go home too often, but when I do I try to soak it up and eat as much hometown food as I can get.

I’m anxiously awaiting the time to reconnect with my second family, the Philadelphia Eagles, and get back on the field. Since the last week of the season I’ve continued to work hard, stay in shape, and rehab my bicep so that I can be 100% for mini camp in June….I am ready for another year to begin….Go Eagles!

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  • 03.23.2012

    Michele D says:

    I, along with many, many other Eagles fans and players can’t wait for the upcoming season. Hoping you all have a great season and you’re back to 100% very soon. Continue to stay positive and exude your positiveness to all.

  • 03.23.2012

    Hugh McIntyre says:

    Just heard your interview on Preston & Steve. Loved it, high energy and looking foward to following you! Good luck, enjoy the rest of the off season. 3 and a half months to Leigh.

  • 03.23.2012

    Amanda Perkins says:

    Morning Kurt!!

    I was just listening to you on P&S morning show. Listening to everything that you have gone through to make you who you are today is amazing! Who doesn’t love the feel good stories! I have been a die hard Eagles fan since I was 10 years old and started understanding the concept of football and not just my team won haha. I actually played football in high school and have seen many injuries myself. Being the only girl playing football in my school district put a target on me, but I was able to stand my own and make it through the hits. I admire anyone that follows their dreams and knows what they want to do in life. Play Hard! Fly Eagles Fly!


  • 03.23.2012

    David Soffen says:

    Heard you on P&S. Great website, and i plan on following you through the season. High energy and clear mind. Love it..Pay it forward, Get whats yours and take it to another level. Best of luck this year.


  • 03.23.2012

    Pat Shields says:

    Yo Kurt,

    Just heard you on the P&S show. I just wanted to say that you’re doing real positive work. I feel that more athletes and public figures need to make it their responsibility to hold themselves to a higher standard like you. I remember how impressionable I was when I was young, and kids truly do need positive roles models to look up to. Keep up the great work. Thanks for making our Eagles a true asset to the city of Philadelphia, the NFL, and all professional sports. Go Birds!

  • 03.23.2012

    Chris Merrell says:

    Kurt, I think you would be a great SNL host, think about it. Keep making a positive difference. Go Eagles!

  • 03.23.2012

    Amy Peters says:

    Once a T-Bolt, always a T-Bolt!! It is always great to see you when you visit NHS! This site is awesome. Thanks for sharing your positive attitude and being such a wonderful example for our students. You are an awesome role model – we need more people like you! Go Eagles!!!

  • 03.23.2012

    Michelle Ploeg says:

    good luck with your website and projects. excited for your documentary!

  • 03.23.2012

    Jane B says:

    I heard your interview on P&S this morning and glad to hear what you are all about as a man, not just as a football player. Professional athletes can sometimes get a bad rap so I love to hear that you are using your position to champion your platform. Breast cancer has also touched my life as my mother succumbed to this disease 6 years ago after battling for 8 years. I will be saving your website on my favorites so I can follow your journey.
    I love my Eagles …a couple of weeks ago, I participated in the Eagles Academy for Women and had such a blast! We were treated so well…encouraging coaches during our session in the Bubble, great lunch and interesting classroom sessions. One of my favorite sessions was with Ahmad Russell, one of the Pro Scouts. He spoke of looking for players that would be an asset not just on the field but who would represent the franchise proudly and how difficult it can be for young players to balance life as a professional athlete….I think you are well on your way to making Philly proud!

  • 03.26.2012

    James Brown says:


    I love your new site and captivating video. As fast paced as life is, I’m blessed to see that you value quality time with family and friends. I can’t underscore how important it is to cherish this in this journey called life.


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