Kurt Coleman



Offseason Update


This offseason was great for many reasons. In February, I had the opportunity to travel and learn about the NFLPA and the intricacies of the NFL. My family and I took several vacations. In February we went to Arizona (where I trained at Zone AP – Evan Mathis’ gym in Scottsdale) and California where we visited with family friends and enjoyed In-N-Out Burger one too many times.  In March we went down to the Bahamas for a week to participate in the annual NFLPA conference. We stayed in Atlantis and had a great time with other NFL players, their families and former players. Since I live in Philadelphia year round, I had the chance to introduce myself to the new coaching and strength and conditioning staff before we started team workouts.  I’ve been working hard with them day in and day out to strengthen my body and ensure I am in tip-top shape for next season!


Workouts officially began in April and it’s nice to have everyone back together and see what individuals have been working on during our time off. We are all impressed with the work everyone has put in on their own! Chip believes that the team will do best only when we all bring out the best in ourselves so we are striving to push ourselves to our limit each and every day. In order to do that we have to train the best and recover the quickest so that we can play our best. The Eagles have one mission, one goal in mind… as the African proverb says “sticks in a bundle are unbreakable”.

The Last Phase:

We are into our last phase of workouts before training camp. This means we will be able to practice longer and scrimmage against our offense. With the high tempo and aggressive style  that our offense brings, the defense has been working to neutralize how an offense like that can hurt us. We will be able to try out our new packages and most of all compete. I want to be the best so that we can be our best. Our attention to detail will make the difference. Go Eagles and Play It Forward. What do you guys think of the 2013 schedule? I know I can’t wait to get back out there.

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