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Playing it forward

When someone asks me what I value most in life, I say faith, family, friends, education, and football - in that order. These are the aspects of my life that are helping to shape me into the man I strive to be today. While I’m extremely grateful for my success as a professional athlete, my aspirations are taking me on a meaningful journey that goes well beyond football. I learned early on that winning means so much more than outscoring an opponent on the playing field. Winning is about how you live your life. Read more »

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    Click it or Spill it!!!! Drive safe my friends @essentiawater https://t.co/5at12EfMh9

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    @DAnderson314 @Starbucks Grow up Peter Pan

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    @lauraj916 This woman always by my side. She planned an amazing celebration for me. Memories & moments are what lif… https://t.co/tV8oKCp9mZ

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